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HG Solar Power Bank User Manual and Warranty

User Manual HG Solar Power Bank User Manual and Warranty. #BuyersBeware of fake solar products. It has come to our notice that dubious online vendors use our images to sell fake solar power banks and solar phone chargers.

  1. The Eggtronic Portable Power Bank is the perfect solution to have your smartphone or tablet always charged while on the go. Thanks to their 2x 10.000mAh battery capacity, you can charge two devices at once with each power bank, up to 5 complete phone charges or tablet charges each. Lightning input.
  2. Jul 17, 2018  First I would suggest that you look for the instructions that came with the unit, mine (a smaller unit 6000mAh) had a small piece of paper in the package, and had instructions that stated that the lowest number in the display would blink while cha.
  3. Power Bank, 9.000 mAh User Manual 31889. Please read this manual before using this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury. Thanks to choose our Portable Multi-Function Emergency car Jump Starter and before using it, please read this manual carefully for reference.


#BuyersBeware of fake solar products. It has come to our notice that dubious online vendors use our images to sell fake solar power banks and solar phone chargers. Never buy a look-alike fake power bank again. Always check brand authenticity. An indicator of a fake product is the abnormal price. #AvoidFakes. Check the power bank user manual for clarity.

User Manual Learning Outcomes

On this page we discuss what is solar power bank and the operating instructions. We also discuss how to use a power bank including related topics like how to charge solar power bank, how many times will a power bank charge my phone? At what level should I recharge my power bank? How to charge a solar power bank, how to know when power bank is fully charged, how long to charge power bank for? How to know power bank is charging by solar panel, How long does it take to charge from the sun? How to charge a USB device with a solar charger, how to charge power bank with electricity, Other questions from our customers are specifically discussed on our solar power bank FAQ blog site.

HetoGrow Solar Power Bank Charger Features

  1. Long battery life with anti discharge and overcharge protection
  2. Recharge with sunlight or electricity using USB cable
  3. USB 3.0 cable for fast charging to save you time
  4. Charge 2 gadgets at once. Enjoy pass-through charging that allows your power bank to charge other gadgets whilst being charged. But avoid overheating.
  5. Flashlight on some. The flashlight is a small LED light bulb on the side or front of the power bank depending on model.
  6. Charge level indicator
  7. Quality assurance guarantee
  8. Enjoy standard warranty
  9. As easy as ABC:

A) Plug phone or other gadget,

B) Press power button

C) Enjoy fast charging

Product Description - Solar Power Bank Charger for Mobile Gadgets

The aim of this solar power bank User Instruction Manual & User Guidance Notes is to help you understand what is a power bank? Know what HetoGrow power banks are designed to do, what their capabilities are and how to use them properly. We strongly advise that you read the Quality Assurance and Product Description web pages before you buy. Use the contents in conjunction with the information contained in these user guidance notes. If buying from a third party, you can test product authenticity by checking the product ID on the warranty website as noted below.

To stay safe and avoid fake solar power bank phone chargers it is important that you review key Quality Assurance considerations and warranty terms & conditions before you buy a solar power bank phone charger .

In addition to the below user guidance notes, there's more information about power banks on our blog site Menu, Archive and select from the list of most common questions we have received from our customers. Some popular questions include Which power bank is good, lithium ion or lithium polymer?, Why is my micro USB charging cable charging at a very low mah?, Is it ok to use a smartphone whilst charging it?, If I do not charge my power bank before use what happens?, How do I spot a fake power bank? and so much more.

Blackweb 9 000 Mah User Manual

HetoGrow universal solar power bank chargers are especially designed to recharge mobile phones and up to 5V devices with USB cables; and provide safe and sustainable bright LED light after charging with either electricity or sunlight. Each solar power bank is supplemented by the embedded solar panel during the day. This provides solar support and emergency power back up as it recharges the power bank on exposure to the sun. It is ideal in emergency situations especially when travelling or outdoors. The product is mainly designed to charge mobile electronic devices up to 5 volts including:

Mobile Phones iPads / Notebooks / Tablets Mp3 /Mp4 Bluetooth headphones
Digital Cameras Game Consoles USB fans and light bulbs Smartwatches


User Guide: How to Use Solar Power Bank

As with new mobile phones, it is advisable to USB charge the product completely for at least 6 hours (or overnight), before first time use. Follow the power bank solar charger user manual below to charge your power bank using solar power or USB & AC adaptors directly. After charging, plug in your phone and press the power button to turn on the power bank. Your phone will start charging as normal. The power bank will auto switch off when your phone battery is fully charged. Or if the power bank is depleted unless the solar panel is exposed to the sun. To switch power bank off manually, press the power button again.

Before you go on a trip with your solar power bank, it is important to charge your power bank using any of the methods below. If your model has a LED flashlight, how to turn on power bank flashlight depends on the model but the the action to take is similar. Press the power button 2-3 times in quick succession; or depending on model, press and hold the button for a few seconds to turn the flashlight on or off.

How many times a power bank will charge your phone from zero % can be determined by dividing the power bank’s battery capacity (mAh) by that of your phone's battery capacity. Note that all power banks lose about 15% power due to various reasons like ageing (natural chemical degradation at a constant rate over time), heat generated by the power bank, climatic conditions, internal controlcircuit voltage regulation and ability of your phone to charge its battery, etc. This means that if your power bank is 10000 mAh, the actual capacity you will get is 8500 mAh. This can be difficult to calculate exactly but it is safe to follow our fair guide.

There has been a lot of debate about when is best to recharge a power bank. Some argue that power banks discharge and lose power faster at low percentage power than when full. Therefore if you charge your phone at low power level, it won’t transfer all the charge into your phone. Others suggest that lithium batteries degrade/age faster when fully charged (100%) than at lower levels of charge. As a result, many say it is best to keep your power bank at 50% to 80% charge level.

Our practical test results show that your power bank should give you optimal performance for about 1.5 years. Refer to our blog on 500 life cycles. This is the minimum you should expect from a top quality brand. Your HG power bank will continue to serve you well for 2 to 3 years and beyond depending on how you use it. But expect to charge it more frequently as it gets older.

Our suggestion is that based on your need to keep your phone charged up as many times as possible, this is practically best achieved if your power bank is fully charged. So, take every opportunity to charge it up. The embedded solar panel will automatically begin to recharge the power bank on exposure to light and will continue to do that for as long as there is light.

Plug your power bank into USB charger using a wall outlet or to a computer using a USB cord. The LED indicators will dazzle with flashing lights to indicate that the power bank is charging.

The LED indicators will come on with blue flashing lights, or green light, depending on model, when exposed to the sun or when charging with with a USB cord. The flashing indicators will vary as the charging progressively completes. How long to charge power bank for depends on capacity. Charging with electricity/USB takes about 6-12 hours depending on the model. The result you get depends on whether or not the phone being charged is switched on or off. Phones consume energy to remain on, hence will take longer to charge up. Note that the solar panel mainly provides emergency backup and the main priority is to recharge the power bank on exposure to sunlight. It takes about 40 – 90 minutes to fast charge a smartphone, using the HG power bank usb cord, depending on the phone. Other USB cords may not be as fast but if you must use other brand USB cords, ensure they are at least USB 2.0.

When charging your mobile phone or other electronic devices, first connect to the power bank with USB cable. Press the power button once to start charging. The LED indicators of flashing blue light will turn off progressively till the power bank is fully discharged into your gadget. A fully charged power bank can charge a smartphone (2000 mAh - 2500 mAh battery) 2 - 5 times depending on model (4000 mAh to 10000 mAh HetoGrow power bank); and phone type.

Note that the solar panel provides emergency backup power as it continually recharges the power bank on exposure to sunlight. This is the standard inbuilt priority. Consequently, when using a solar power bank to recharge your phone during the day, which is the secondary protocol, ensure you keep the solar panel away from the sun or cover the solar panel. This ensures that the primary function reverts to charging your phone and also ensures fast charge.

Note that when the solar panels are exposed to the sun, depending on the model, you will see a green light (first/one bar only) or flashing blue lights. To check the power/charge level, press the power button once and observe the progressive blue lights which indicate level of power stored. If your model comes with a digital reader, it will show percentage (%) of power stored.

User Guide: How to Charge Solar Power Bank Using Solar Power

How long to charge a solar power bank depends on the capacity. To charge your power bank using the solar panel is easy and quick depending on the quality of sunlight you have. Solar charging will be very fast on bright sunny days and slow on cloudy days when the brightness of the sun is not good. It is pertinent to note other factors that can affect the performance of the solar panel such as direct exposure to the sun and angle of contact, size or surface area of the solar panels, temperature, battery size and frequency of usage. The implication is that it can take longer to charge a solar power bank using the solar panel. The larger the solar panel, the faster it can charge and the shorter the time. How long it takes to charge a solar power bank depends on many other factors but charging with solar panel can take about 15 to 17 hours of optimal solar power. It can take longer depending on capacity and exposure to sunlight.
Cisco c40 manual.

Photovoltaic (PV) devices are predominantly measured under standard test conditions. Industry-wide standard test conditions (STC) are used to assess power rating and performance of Photovoltaic (PV) modules (assembly of connected photovoltaic solar cell packs). Tests are performed at solar cell temperature of 25°C and an irradiance (solar exposure) of 1kW/m2 with an air mass 1.5 (AM1.5) spectrum. This is equivalent to a clear sunny day with solar panel tilted to 37° and the sun at an angle of 41.81° above the horizon. This ideal industry test standard ensures ease of product comparison. However, in real life conditions are never perfect. For best performance, we suggest that you ensure solar panel(s) face the sun directly with no obstructions.

The solar pv is ideal as backup power source in the absence of regular electricity supply. For best results, the user should:

Find a safe and bright spot outside with strong direct sunlight. Avoid obstacles including glass.

Position your HG solar power bank in a way that ensures the solar panel is facing up directly toward the sun

Ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid overheating

Monitor the LED light bulbs that indicate the level of power stored in the power bank.

Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the product by yourself.
Avoid USB charge or use of the product in a moist area or wet condition.
If wet, DO NOT attempt to dry with any appliance or heat sources like hair dryer or microwave oven.
Do not expose the product to a damaging heat source. Do not throw into water or fire.
Keep away from explosive or flammable conditions or substances.
Keep away from children. Warranty does not cover wrong usage, human error or damage.
If USB charging where current is volatile, keep safe and avoid direct body contact.
Avoid direct contact with charging ports especially when USB charging.
Power banks have internal control circuitry that regulate current. If damaged safety may be compromised.
DO NOT use if damaged or if you notice any irregularity.
Unplug your power bank as soon as it is fully charged.
Keep in normal room temperature. The standard operating temperature is 0°c - 45°c.
Keep product safe. As with mobile electronic products, do not abuse or use inappropriately.

Blackweb Product Manuals

Warranty Cover

We offer 12 months warranty split into 3 - 6 months standard warranty extendable for a further 6 months.
Test authenticity and register warranty. Follow the onscreen instructions. On the registration page, type in the Product ID to confirm it is authentic HetoGrow solar power bank.
Before operating any product we strongly advise that you read the User Guidance and Caution notes.

Blackweb User Manual

You can register your product here >> warranty website.
As with new mobile phones, it is strongly recommended that you charge your product long enough to be fully charged, perhaps overnight with USB cable, before first use. This ensures optimal performance for your enjoyment.

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Blackweb Bwb17av003 Manual

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