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Design – the M2 smartband/bracelet looks sleek with somewhat curve 0.86 inches OLED screen, with metallic silver accent on the side making it look good. It has a touch screen interface, a durable TPSIV belt which according to the company is waterproof and available in several colors Black, Blue, Purple, Dark Blue. The body is made in PC plastic, it is IP67 waterproof making it water resistant and dust-proof.

Under the Hood – the smartband is made with the health in mind, no wonder why the M2 smartband features is focused more on the health section rather than just notifications. The main health feature is the photoelectric heart rate sensor providing accurate heart rate, according to the company.

Another one is the unique blood oxygen blood pressure and fatigue test monitoring. Other features include step counter and calorie counter. And all of the data collected in your M2 smartband/bracelet is stored and synchronize to the WearFit app available for your smartphone. Well going back to the notifications, it is send via bluetooth connection, you smartband M2 can receive notifications from incoming calls, SMS and from social apps like WeChat, Twitter, QQ and other popular social app.

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Sep 22, 2016  True blood pressure and O2 and heart rate are done with actual medical devices. But it seems reasonably accurate. My setup is Apple SE phone, with Apple Watch series 2, and now the Smart BP HR bracelet. So far, they all play together, but I only allowed the bracelet to access Health for BP and O2. The things the Watch doesn’t do. Design – WP105 smartband is one of the latest generation of fitness band with blood pressure monitoring, the WP105 in terms of design is equipped with 0.66 inch OLED screen with TPU band sporty band. It is waterproof with IP67 waterproof rating. The WP105 might not be impressive when it comes to the design but under the hood it has good fitness features.

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Smart Bp Hr 115 Instructions


Smart Bp Hr Bracelet User Manual 4

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