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Sharepoint 2010 manual pdf

SP 101 – The Basics: SharePoint End User Training for Readers, Members & Subsite Owners


Nov 30, 2019  SharePoint Tutorial for Beginners, Administrators, End User and Developer. Avoid mistakes, save time & headaches by using Best Practices. End user training for Microsoft Teams. Use these training resources to help users in your organization get the most out of Teams. Welcome to Teams! Watch this short video introducing you to Teams. Follow this quick start to get up and running quickly on Teams.

105 SharePoint 2010 end user video tutorials

SharePoint 2010 End-user Training Manual - BLM. SharePoint Training Page 0 SharePoint 2010 End-user Training Manual This training manual is focused on providing information and hands-on examples for end-users at. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & 2012 Certification Training Roadmap. Welcome to an article which goes into the land of SharePoint Training. This attempts to examine various levels of training and how they can and are being mapped to SharePoint information workers, irrespective of whether they are SharePoint on-premise, or SharePoint through Office365. End user books would include practice files to apply as.

Learn how to administer a SharePoint site. WOW What Power! SharePoint Administrator Training. Microsoft introduced the Ribbon in SharePoint 2010. The ribbon appears at the top of the page. The ribbon changes to suit the user’s current location on. Jul 15, 2010  This walkthrough guide is designed to provide a step-by-step overview of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010. This guide was written as a companion to the SharePoint Server. This document focuses on evaluating the capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010 using an end-user scenario, highlighting the major functional areas that.

are specifically targeted to readers, members and site owners of SharePoint 2010. However, if you are a developer or IT administrator who is new to SharePoint, these will be very helpful in understanding the basics. These videos demonstrate

Sharepoint 2010 Manual Pdf

fundamentals of SharePoint 2010. Except for the Overview video, each of the videos is under 2 minutes long and very focused on a specific task within a SharePoint site. Learn how to deploy these videos in your internal SharePoint environmentTarget Audiences:

Readers, Members and Subsite Owners

Sharepoint End User Training

Author: Asif Rehmani Level: Beginner Duration: 1.5 hrs
Watch video samples from the course
Working with Quick Launch menu
Restoring items from Recycle Bin

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If you are not a member of the site, please look into subscription options. Avaya one-x 9650 user manual.

Sharepoint Online Training Manual

Module 1SP 101 – The Basics: End User Training for Readers, Members & Subsite Owners
Unit 1Working with Quick Launch menu
Unit 2Creating a list Item
Unit 3Editing an item in a list
Unit 4Deleting items from a list
Unit 5Restoring items from the Recycle Bin
Unit 6Subscribing to RSS feeds of lists
Unit 7Creating an Issues list
Unit 8Creating a Contacts list
Unit 9Creating a Custom list
Unit 10Connect the Contacts list to Outlook
Unit 11Creating a Discussion Board
Unit 12Creating a list by importing a spreadsheet
Unit 13Creating a Links list
Unit 14Creating a Project Tasks list
Unit 15Creating a Status list
Unit 16Creating a Calendar list
Unit 17Overlaying multiple calendars
Module 2Libraries and Documents
Unit 1Email a link to a document or a library
Unit 2Upload a document to a library
Unit 3Upload multiple documents to a library using drag and drop
Unit 4Checking out a document from the library
Unit 5Checking in a document to the library
Unit 6Creating a Document library
Unit 7Creating an Asset library
Unit 8Creating a Picture library
Unit 9Creating a Slide library
Unit 10Configuring the Approval workflow in a library
Unit 11Using the approval workflow in a library
Unit 12Copy a document from one library to another
Unit 13Creating a new version of a document
Module 3List Settings
Unit 1Setting titles and descriptions of lists
Unit 2Enable management of content types for lists
Unit 3Enable creating folders in a list
Unit 4Disabling the list dialog pop-up
Unit 5Enabling ratings for lists
Unit 6Navigating between SharePoint sites
Unit 7Configuring Metadata navigation for lists
Unit 8Configuring visible views for a list
Unit 9Adding a column to a list
Unit 10Deleting a list
Unit 11Creating a new view for a list
Module 4Library Settings
Unit 1Setting library title and description
Unit 2Adding a library to the Quick Launch
Unit 3Enabling content types for a library
Unit 4Opening documents in the browser
Unit 5Disabling the library dialog pop-up
Unit 6Set validation settings for a library
Unit 7Configuring a default value for a column in library
Unit 8Configuring ratings for documents in library
Unit 9Configuring Metadata navigation for libraries
Unit 10Configuring visible views for a library
Unit 11Adding a column to a library
Unit 12Creating a new view for a library
Unit 13Deleting a library
Unit 14Setting up the versioning settings in a library
Module 5SharePoint Web Pages
Unit 1Creating a web page
Unit 2Editing a web page
Unit 3Checking out a web page for editing
Unit 4Working with images on web pages
Unit 5Working with tables on web pages
Unit 6Linking to other site content
Unit 7Adding a video to a web page
Unit 8Restoring an older version of the web page
Unit 9Change the layout of a web page
Unit 10Changing permissions for a web page
Unit 11Make a page the home page of the site
Unit 12Adding lists and libraries to web pages
Unit 13Deleting a web page
Unit 14Recovering a deleted web page
Unit 15Creating a web part page
Unit 16Personalizing a web part page
Unit 17Customizing a web part page
Unit 18Configuring the mobile view of a page
Unit 19Navigating the mobile view of a site
Unit 20Setting up alert notifications for pages
Unit 21Email a link to a web page
Unit 22Open a web page in maintenance view
Unit 23Insert text on web part pages using Content Editor web part
Unit 24Creating a publishing site
Unit 25Changing the page layout of a publishing page
Module 6Connecting to Office Applications
Unit 1Export SharePoint list data to Excel
Unit 2Open SharePoint list data with Access
Unit 3Connecting a task list to Microsoft Outlook
Unit 4Connecting a document library to Microsoft Outlook
Module 7Site Administration
Unit 1Creating a subsite
Unit 2Creating a SharePoint theme using the browser
Unit 3Configuring site columns
Unit 4Managing user alerts
Unit 5Configuring RSS for a site
Unit 6Configuring the tree view for a site
Unit 7Configuring the top link bar
Unit 8Deleting a site
Unit 9Viewing usage statistics of a site
Unit 10Remove users from a site
Unit 11Editing permissions for a user group
Unit 12Create a new SharePoint user group
Unit 13Create a new site using a site template
Unit 14Save a site as a template
Unit 15Change a site logo
Unit 16Signing in as a different user

Productive SharePoint Collaboration is my free SharePoint training guide for beginners, offering step-by-step guidance for common SharePoint team site collaboration tasks.

You can download free copies of this guide for any of the following e-reading devices:

Or, if you prefer to hold an actual book in your hands, you can order print copies from Amazon.


I hope you find it valuable and get a lot out of it!

You can also preview the entire book online through Google Books (although the formatting might not be as crisp and as polished as the other options).

Sharepoint 2010 End User Training Manual

Please let me know what you think of the book. You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below or by sending me a tweet on Twitter @SteveGoodyear — I’d love to hear from you!

Sharepoint 2013 End User Manual

I created this video tutorial to introduce you to your SharePoint team site as I demonstrate the topics I cover in Chapter 1: