Rcs High Flow Touch User Manual

User Manual RCT6973W43. FCC Information. Bookcase or cabinet that may prevent air flow through vent openings. Do not place lighted candles, cigarettes, cigars, etc. On the product. The Notification Shade, touch the Notification icon and swipe.

Rcs High Flow Touch

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  • RCS High Flow Air Sampler. Includes two rechargeable batteries, rotor, protective cap, RCS Management Software, serial cable, carry case, and Bluetooth module for wireless data to an external PC. Related Products. Tryptic Soy agar strips for RCS High Flow Air.
  • The RCS High Flow Touch is a portable air sampler for fast and easy monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases in controlled environments. Together with standardized, ready-to-use HYCON Agar Strips the RCS High Flow Touch air samplers provide a complete system operated with an easy touch.
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Rcs High Flow Touch User Manual

Brings advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one patient-friendly unit.

Rcs High Flow Touch Manual

Representing the latest standard in anesthesia, FLOW-i enables clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to match the situation at hand while maintaining stable respiratory conditions.
FLOW-i can be used across the widest range of patient groups, including those with acute respiratory demands and pediatric patients.
Modular and ergonomic, FLOW-i is a flexible, adaptable and upgradeable system. Ease of use and training contribute to more efficient use of hospital resources.
Please note, the product may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Maquet representative for more information.
FLOW-i comes in three models depending on your needs. All models feature a rotatable arm for flexible screen positioning, tiltable screens to allow for maximized screen visibility and vertical and horizontal rails for auxiliary equipment.
FLOW-i C20 offers the added storage space of 2-3 optional drawers. Free download nba 2k14 game for android. One lockable drawer is always included.

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4 years ago
4 years agoPressure sensor failed

Machine is failing the pressure sensor checkout in the preuse check. But all other parameters are passing. There is no leakage and the cassette is also cross checked with another working unit. Please help me to find a solution.



  • Set tidal volume is accurately delivered in spite of high abdominal and thoracic pressure, helping to avoid hypoventilation.
  • Fast rise time and high flow rates adapt to varying inspiratory demand in the presence of increasing airway pressure.
  • Sensitive triggering improves synchrony in pediatric patients and those with decreased respiratory drive.
  • Controlled pressure drop during expiration decreases expiratory resistance and work of breathing, in addition to minimizing auto PEEP at higher respiratory rates.
  • Maintains consistent and accurate PEEP levels.

Hycon Rcs High Flow Touch

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Class 1 Recall: FLOW-i Anesthesia Systems - Dislodged Patient..

The firm has received several complaints where patient cassettes, which are the center of gas flow in the system, have come loose.