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Free Download Nikon D4 PDF User Manual, Instructions, User Guide, Owner's Manual.

Nikon D4 is the new flagship of Nikon's DSLR. Inside the ultra-rugged body, D4 strikes an ideal balance between resolution, sensor size, high-speed, image processing and high ISO performance. It equipped with a new Nikon FX-format 16.2 MP Full Frame CMOS sensor and EXPEED3 processor enable superior image capture up to 11 fps and broadcast quality Full 1080p HD movie. Combine that with cutting-edge 91K RGB sensor metering and 51 points AF systems, intelligently designed controls and multiple connectivity options, and D4 liberates the world's top-notch photographers and multimedia artists like never before.

The D4 employs a newly developed Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor (36.0 x 23.9 mm) delivers 16.2 effective megapixels of resolution for exquisite detail. The ISO sensitivity range is from 100 to 12800 (expandable down to 50 and up to incredible 204,800). With the D4, shoot confidently in nearly any light - even in places where the human eye has difficulty focusing.

Unique to Nikon, D4 expands the still image shooting possibilities with four image area options: FX format (36.0 x 23.9 mm), 5:4 crop (29.9 x 23.9 mm), 1.2x crop (29.9 x 19.9 mm) and DX format (23.4 x 15.5 mm).

A 91,000-Pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III sensor partners with Nikon’s Advanced SRS (Scene Recognition System) to deliver unmatched accuracy in every frame. The system also recognizes human faces when shooting with the optical viewfinder. This rigorously analyzed pixel data then automatically triggers a variety of in-camera controls that help the image files appear more natural and appealing. Advanced Scene Recognition System delivers incredibly high accuracy for various auto controls by flawlessly calculating vast amounts of scene information – even at up to 10 fps.

Nikon's new advanced AF sensor uses 51 strategically placed AF points for faster focus operation by working together like a net to capture moving subjects or individually for pinpoint accuracy. Each of the 51 selectable AF points delivers fast and accurate AF detection to a low light level of -2 EV with every compatible AF NIKKOR lens.

The D4 D-movie delivers all the flexibility you need for broadcast quality Full HD video. Manual exposure control helps keep the same look from start to finish. Built-in HDMI lets you view footage on an external monitor or record uncompressed 8-bit 4.2.2 footage directly to an external recording device. Built-in external stereo microphone input allows for recording crystal clear sound using the optional ME-1 Stereo Microphone. On-screen audio level indicators and a headphone jack help you monitor and adjust audio in 20 incremental steps. D4 takes you from inspiring stills to amazing videos with ease. D4 also offers three Multi-area mode for Full HD video thereby tripling its potential for movie making: FX, DX or the new 2.7x Crop mode – all at 16:9 aspect ratio. All these creative options are supported by a vast array of NIKKOR FX and DX lenses.


Nikon D4 equipped with Nikon's latest EXPEED 3 imaging-processing engine, optimized for DSLR camera, delivers faithful, well-saturated color, natural depth and subtle, nuanced tones from pitch black all the way to snow white. In dim lighting at high ISO settings, the camera's intelligent noise reduction lowers noise without degrading image sharpness. High-speed 16-bit image processing delivers smooth gradation with abundant tone and detail that can be applied to image integrity for a diverse range of uses. The EXPEED 3 has been optimized for video as well. Movie is rendered with suppressed moiré, reduced false colors and minimized 'jaggies'. Noise reduction technology specifically designed for video preserves clarity and sharp edges – even in low light. The powerful EXPEED 3 is fast, accurate and exceptionally energy efficient, prolonging the camera's ability to endure extended assignments.

D4's beautiful 3.2-inch, 921k-dot LCD screen includes an ambient brightness sensor for maximum visibility and crisp playback, menu adjustment and Live View shooting. The anti-reflective design offers clear, glare-free performance even under bright conditions. Quickly enlarge images and videos up to 46x for spot focus confirmation – crucial for high-resolution shooting.

D4's remarkable design is the culmination of photographer feedback and Nikon innovation. Adjust AF and AF Area modes without moving your eye from the viewfinder. Quickly select AF points with a new joystick style sub-selector – positioned for both horizontal and vertical shooting, each set is laid out identically for a more intuitive operation regardless of camera orientation. In low-light, all operation buttons and dials are back-illuminated for clear visibility. Two media card slots (one CF and one XQD – the next-generation recording media) offer flexibility and control. Built-in wired LAN and the optional WT-5A Wireless Transmitter enable secure, high-speed file transmission as well as remote camera functionality. Simply put, D4 was built to meet professional demands.

To sustain peak performance in the most demanding environments, D4's body, exterior and mirror box are comprised of strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy. Thorough measures are taken to seal and protect against invasive moisture, dust and electromagnetic interference. For the utmost reliability and rigorous performance, D4's shutter has been tested on fully assembled cameras for 400,000 cycles at extreme continuous burst rates.

Key Features of Nikon D4 DSLR:

  • 16.2 megapixel FX-Format Full-Frame CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100 - 12800 (extendable up to ISO 50 or 204,800)
  • 3.2-inch 921k-dot LCD Screen with reinforced glass
  • Newly developed, highly durable Kevlar/carbon fiber-composite shutter unit
  • 51-point Multi-CAM3500FX AF system
  • EXPEED 3 image processing engine
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering III
  • 100% viewfinder coverage and three Crop Modes
  • 0.12 s startup time and approx. 0.042 s shutter-release time lag
  • High-speed continuous shooting at approx. 11 fps
  • Broadcast quality 1080p Full HD movie
  • Multi-area format D-Movie
  • Movie frame rates
  • High-fidelity audio control
  • Built-In HDR
  • Time Lapse Shooting
  • Nikon Picture Control Button
  • In-camera NEF (RAW) processing
  • Two card slots: One for high-speed CF (UDMA 7) cards and one for high-speed, high-capacity XQD card slots
  • Two Axis Virtual horizon
  • Wireless LAN and Ethernet support
  • Button illumination

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Nokon D 4 User Manual Old

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