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Nov 22, 2010  Since downloading movies could be illegal, take extreme care while thinking of doing so. There are various sites which would provide you downloading facilities. If you are using iPhone, you will have to download the movie to you iTunes and then sync it with your phone. For Android, you should google and you would find a few useful links which would allow you to download movies for free. By browsing such type of online movies you can watch movies and get free movies with a great comfort at home. Coolmoviez also provides Free Movie Downloads of HD Mobile Movies. As we all know that many websites are present but if you are wondering for the best one then it can be a difficult task. Welcome to, on the page, which is about the 3gp mobile video format. On you can download free videos, which you can view on your mobile phone, or even (after convert them with converters) on your PC. Dec 06, 2019  Welcome to download free. full Movies, where you are Guaranteed of Owning your own Movies to Keep at NO Cost at your Comfort. Unlike other free websites is a great place to watch and download full movies at the comfort of your home.

“I just bought my first iPhone and I want to watch movies, can you tell me how to download movies on iPhone?”

Movies can be a fantastic way to relax, entertain yourself, and get the most out of your lazy days. To make things better, you can use any of your iOS devices to stream your movies so that if you want, you can relax in an environment which you’re comfortable in (or even outside) which you don’t have a TV located in. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to download movies to iPhone.

  • Part 1: Top 5 Free Websites to Download Movies for iPhone
  • Part 2: How to Download Free Movies to iPhone without iTunes
  • Part 3: How to Redownload Purchased Movies on iPhone
  • Part 4: How to Handle if iTunes Store Unexpectedly Stop Downloading

1. Top 5 Free Websites to Download Movies for iPhone

Below we have detailed some of the best and legal websites that allow you to download movies to your computer, which you can then transfer over to your iPhone and watch on-the-go. Download free movies from these websites first, and follow the next part to move the movie to your iPhone.

Top 1: Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming service created by Sony. From this website, you’re able to browse all of their free content which you don’t have to pay for. Some of the content is available for download, although not all of it is.

Top 2: MoviesFoundOnline

This website has more than the other websites to offer – movies such as The Grudge 2, Chris and Jack, and Now You See it can be watched. Some of the videos from this website are hosted on YouTube, making it possible to download them.

Top 3: PopcornFlix

Next, PopcornFlix – not to be confused with PopCorn Time, another streaming platform – is a great website to watch movies on. While you aren’t able to download movies, they have a wide selection of foreign, animation, and thriller movies.

Top 4: Hulu

Unfortunately, Hulu hasn't yet added a download feature for their content although there are a few different Hulu converters out there. If you find a Hulu video that you want to download, use one of these websites.

Top 5: YouTube

Recently, YouTube Have added the ability to download YouTube videos through their mobile app and if you have purchased a movie from YouTube, you can use the app to download it on your iPhone. While YouTube doesn't allow you to download movies on a computer, you can use a YouTube converter to do so.

2. How to Download Free Movies to iPhone without iTunes

Once you download the free movies, transfer them to your iPhone so that you can enjoy them on the go. As iTunes is so confusing to use, here we introduce you another movie transfer software called iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer. With it, you can download purchased or non-purchased movie to computer without any limits. It’s also recommended by lots of famous media, like Geekreply,, etc.

With it, not only can you easily download a movie to my iPhone, but also download music, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, music video, iTunes U, etc.


  • No Data Loss: Sync computer or iTunes movies to iPhone without deleting existing data.
  • Purchases & Non-Purchases: Transfer files from/to iPhone, which supports purchased and non-purchased files.
  • Two-Way Transfer: Freely transfer movies between iPhone and computer/iTunes.
  • Unlimited Devices: It supports to transfer to or from unlimited iOS devices.
  • Free Trial: You can transfer 5 movies to iPhone for free. If you need more, just register it.

Simple Steps to Download Free Movies to iPhone without iTunes

Step 1: Start by downloading, launching, and installing iMyFone TunesMate on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it.

Download on Windows & Download on Mac

Step 2: From the main menu, click on the “Videos” tab. Click on “Add > Add File”, and locate the movie that you want to have transferred. Select the movie and click “Open”.

If you want to download movies to iPhone from iTunes library, you can use “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice”.

Rather than waste your time with troubling and frustrating programs like iTunes, take control and use iMyFone TunesMate. No longer will you have to worry about your valuable data corrupting.

Is TunesMate Better Than iTunes?

Transfer files to iPhone directly
Two-way transfer
Edit media information
Purchases & non-purchase
No risk of data loss
How many device supported
Save 20% to Get iMyFone TunesMate Official Registration Code >>

3. How to Redownload Purchased Movies on iPhone

If you want to redownload purchased movies straight to your iPhone, follow the steps below.
Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and tap on the “iTunes Store” app.
Step 2. Using the menu at the bottom, tap on “More > Purchased”.
Step 3. Tap Movies and then tap on “Not on This Device” to view the movies that aren’t already downloaded.
Step 4. Locate the movie that you want to download and tap on the iCloud icon.
Step 5. After a while, the movie will be downloaded.
The downside to this is that you have to redownload your movies which may take a while if you have slow internet speeds.

4. How to Fix if iTunes Store Stop Downloading

Free Movies For Mobile Download

Given how problematic iTunes can be sometimes, you might be wondering how to download movies to my iPhone if iTunes suddenly stops downloading. To fix this problem, follow our guide below.


Restart Your Downloads on PC/Mac:

Step 1. Launch iTunes and sign into your Apple account, if you haven’t already done so.
Step 2. At the top of the program, click on “Account > Check for Available Updates”.
Step 3. You’ll be prompted to enter your account information again.
Step 4. Any iTunes downloads will automatically restart.

Restart Your Downloads on Your iPhone:

If you’ve run into problems with downloading your movies on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and tap on the “iTunes Store” app.
Step 2. From the taskbar at the bottom, tap on “More > Downloads”.
Step 3. You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID information. If you are, do so now.
Step 4. Any paused downloads will be shown on your screen now. Tap on the arrow to restart the download.

Reasons Why iTunes Store Suddenly Stop Downloading:

  • iTunes lost internet connection.
  • iTunes quit before download finished.
  • Your iPhone or computer restart ed during the download.
  • Internet connection was so slow.
  • Third-party security software or firewall blocked the download.

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Mobile devices have rapidly evolved in the last few years. They are no more just for sending text messages and making calls, mobile phones can now browse the Internet, play music, take pictures and watch movies. Especially when you are on the go, the possibility of watching your favorite movies on your mobile device is something that we are all thankful for. Android, the most popular type of smart-phone has the play-store where you can download different kinds of apps, including certain apps that will enable you to download YouTube movies on Android.

MP4 format is the most suitable format which fits your Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone or a tablet, so, if you are an Android user, you must want to know how to free download movies for mobile phone in MP4. And maybe you have used some ways to download MP4 movies to your mobile phones like Android, but as long as you have met some problems, you can find the solution here. We will share a collection of free MP4 movie download sites well supporting MP4 download and recommend you some easy and convenient guides to download free MP4 movies for Android phones and tablets.

Part 1. Download Free MP4 Movies for Android

There are tons of websites that let users download MP4 movies to their PC but have you ever considered using a simpler tool that ensures immediate download? Why not give iTube Studio Best Video Downloader a try to enhance your visual experience? This powerful video downloader for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone compliments a number of different sites like YouTube, VEVO, MySpace and 10,000+ sites. This free MP4 movie downloader lets users download free MP4 movies for android, tablet and iPhone systems. Now you can download MP4 movies on portable devices instead of impatiently waiting for the videos to buffer online. There are many features that make this video downloading program outstanding when it comes to downloading and managing online videos. Some of these features include as below.

Free mobile movies download sites

Full Mobile Movie

iTube Studio - Free Download Movies for Mobile Phones like Android

  • Enjoy MP4 movie downloads from more than 10,000 video sharing sites inclusive of videos from YouTube 4K UHD and YouTube videos to MP3.
  • Enhance video experience by giving quick downloads from websites that offer MP4/MP3 files at 3X faster download speed.
  • Record online videos from any 'unable to download sites' to ensure you can save your videos.
  • Convert the downloaded MP4 movies to other media format, or presets for popular Android or iPhone devices.
  • Transfer downloaded MP4 movies to your mobile devices like Android phones, iPhone, tablets or game consoles with USB cable.
  • Equipped with a PRIVATE MODE to fully keep your video downloading information under protection with a password.
  • Directly download music or video files from a sharing link of Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc. without login.

How to Download Free MP4 Movies for Android Phones in Steps

Step 1. Launch the Free MP4 Movies Downloader for Android

Launch iTube Studio Video Downloader and open your favorite website within the Android movie downloader to access popular videos.

Step 2. Start to Download Free MP4 Movies

Option 1. Download the selected MP4 movie by clicking the 'Download' button on the top right corner of the browser and once a drop down menu appears, select the appropriate resolution. Generally the Download button will be automatically added to your browser, but if you haven't found it in the video page, just follow this to know how to add download extension to browser in steps.


Option 2. You can also download MP4 videos by copying URL and click the 'Paste URL' button to paste it within the program to initiate immediate downloading. Just copy the video URL from browser and then paste in the program. iTube Studio allows to insert up to 1000 url links, which means, you could just leave the URLs in the blank then let this ultimate video downloader to do the rest for you.

Step 3. Convert Downloaded Movies to MP4 Format

Your next step is to convert downloaded movies to MP4 format using the program so that you can transfer such files to your Android phones, Apple devices and game consoles. In the 'Download' menu open the 'Downloaded' tab and click 'Add to Convert List' to add the videos to the 'Convert' menu.

And open the 'Convert' menu and click on the 'Convert' button which lets you select the ideal format. From the pop-up dialog box you can select the video format (MP4) from the format list and choose the device name as the output format. You can also choose a preset format for your mobile devices as iTube Studio has preset a well compatible format for most popular mobile phones and tablets.

Step 4. Transfer MP4 Movies to Android Mobile Phones

Connect your iPhone or Android device with USB cable. Open the “Transfer” tab and you will see the notice that the device has been connected. And you can view the videos waiting for transferring. Your downloaded or recorded videos will be listed in your 'Download' and 'Record' tab. When you click on the video list, you will see the transfer icon. Click on the icon and add the video to the transfer list. Then click the “Transfer” button beside the video list to start transferring. When finished, you can view the video files on your devices. Now click the “Transfer” tab to start transferring videos to your Android or iPhone.

Part 2. Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile Phones

1. Crackle

One of the best entertainment sites is Crackle that gives viewers a fabulous collection of Hollywood movies, popular television series and much more! You can download free MP4 movies for Android and capture original shoots, uncut and uncensored versions of movie clips that are available in three different categories - Most Popular, Frequently Played and Recently Added.

2. Free MP4 Movie

One of the most commonly used free MP4 movie downloads sites for Android where you can watch, download and upload videos for free is YouTube. is a great site that gives users free MP4 movie downloads for Android of great quality and precision. You can easily download movies onto your Windows or Mac desktops in any format that suits your liking.

3. MP4Moviez

The name itself signifies the domain's purpose - download free MP4 movies for Android from the biggest collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movie shares. Get the latest hits from distinct categories right from action oriented drama to cute animated series. Capture HD MP4 movies in the best way using this site which is any user's ideal choice.

4. FullMoviez

One of the most popular movie networks for mobile downloads is FullMoviez that gives you the option to watch live telecasts on your laptop or PC. Whether you're looking for Hollywood releases or Bollywood picks, the list is long and catchy.

5. Divx Crawler

Catch the latest Hollywood hits using this amazing that lets you make regular movie downloads in MP4 format without signing up. You can burn the videos to DVD or enjoy Blue-Ray versions for playback at an instant. Getting free movie downloads has never been this easy before!

6. Urgrove

This free MP4 movie downloads site lets you capture the best movie hits on your Android, tablet or iPhones with different languages. All in MP4 format, you can get the best visual experience on Urgrove which offers multi-download links for a greater layout.

7. Vmovee

Thinking of downloading free movies on your mobile? Enjoy online movie streaming or download free movies in any format you want having BlueRay, DVD Rip etc quality. Listed category-wise, catch the latest cinematic hits if you're eager to enjoy online streaming and free downloads.

8. FreeMovieDownload

If you think downloading free MP4 movies has come to an end, here is a site that lets you watch movies with a single click! You can select movies from your favorite category after you're done browsing through a massive collection of TV series, movies and much more.


The only source that offers TV shows, cartoons and movies for Android and tablets is FZ movies that lets you catch the best shows in suitable formats. Right from MP4 movie scenes to 3GP quality mobile downloads this site lets you download for free.

10. Watch-Free

Whether you're looking for a spicy Bollywood tale or an action packed Hollywood release, Watch-Free gives you free MP4 movie downloads for Android, tablets and iPhone device. Just select the format you're looking for and you can watch your favorite movies on your mobiles right away.