Cuda-gdb User Manual Cuda 9

  1. CUDA‐GDB, the NVIDIA® CUDA™ debugger, is introduced, and what is new in the 2.3 Beta version is described. CUDA-GDB: The NVIDIA CUDA Debugger CUDA‐GDB is an extension to the standard i386/AMD64 port of GDB, the GNU Project debugger, version 6.6. It is designed to present the.
  2. Hi, How can I step into my OpenACC code region with cuda-gdb. Setting a breakpoint at the line number does not seem to work.
  3. CUDA-MEMCHECK DU-05355-001v5.5 ii. CUDA-MEMCHECK can interoperate with CUDA-GDB on Linux and Mac OS X. Supported Devices The CUDA-MEMCHECK tool suite is supported on all CUDA capable GPUs with SM versions 1.1 and above. Individual tools may support a different subset of GPUs.
  1. Cuda Gdb Tutorial
  2. Cuda 9.0

(Manual) Configurations for GPU Debugging¶

Cuda-gdb: The NVIDIA CUDA Debugger cuda‐gdb is an extension to the standard i386/AMD64 port of gdb, the GNU Project debugger, version 6.6. It is designed to present the user with seamless debugging environment that allows simultaneous debugging of GPU and CPU code.

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Debugging a CUDA GPU involves pausing that GPU. When the graphics desktopmanager is running on the same GPU, then debugging that GPU freezes the GUI andmakes the desktop unusable. To avoid this, use CUDA-GDB in the following systemconfigurations:

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Single GPU¶

In a single GPU system, CUDA-GDB can be used to debug CUDA applications only ifno X11 server (on Linux) or no Aqua desktop manager (on Mac OS X) is running on thatsystem. On Linux you can stop the X11 server by stopping the gdm service. On Mac OSX you can log in with >console as the user name in the desktop UI login screen. Thisallows CUDA applications to be executed and debugged in a single GPU configuration.

Multi-GPU Debugging with the Desktop Manager Running¶

This can be achieved by running the desktop GUI on one GPU and CUDA on the otherGPU to avoid hanging the desktop GUI.

On Linux¶

Cuda-gdb User Manual Cuda 9

The CUDA driver automatically excludes the GPU used by X11 from being visible tothe application being debugged. This might alter the behavior of the application since, ifthere are n GPUs in the system, then only n-1 GPUs will be visible to the application.

Cuda Gdb Tutorial

On Mac OS X¶

Cuda 9.0

The CUDA driver exposes every CUDA-capable GPU in the system, including the oneused by Aqua desktop manager. To determine which GPU should be used for CUDA,run the deviceQuery app from the CUDA SDK sample. The output of deviceQueryas shown in Figure 1 deviceQuery Output indicates all the GPUs in the system.For example, if you have two GPUs you will see Device0: “GeForce xxxx” andDevice1: “GeForce xxxx”. Choose the Device<index> that is not rendering thedesktop on your connected monitor. If Device0 is rendering the desktop, then chooseDevice1 for running and debugging the CUDA application. This exclusion of thedesktop can be achieved by setting the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variableto 1: