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View and Download Behringer Eurorack UB1622FX-PRO user manual online. Behringer Users Manual Audio Mixer UB1622FX-PROUB1832FX-PROUB2222FX-PROUB2442FX-PRO. Eurorack UB1622FX-PRO Music Mixer pdf manual download. Also for: Eurorack ub1832fx-pro, Eurorack ub2222fx-pro, Eurorack. Quick Start Guide (Check out for Full Manual) EURORACK. Ultra-Low Noise Design 24-Input 4-Bus Mic/Line Mixer with Premium Mic.

Page 12: Ub2442fx, Digital effects processor, Rear panel connectors

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question somewhat in order to avoid feedback. The graphic

stereo equalizer has to be turned on in order to use this function.


Logically, at least one (ideally several) microphone

channels have to be open for feedback to occur at all!

Feedback is particularly common when stage monitors

(“wedges”) are concerned, because monitors project sound in

the direction of microphones. Therefore, you can also use the

FBQ Feedback Detection for monitors by placing the equalizer in

the monitor bus (see MAIN MIX/MONITOR).





Here is an overview of all of the multi-effects

processor’s presets. This effects module gives you

various standard effects, such as reverb, chorus,

flanger, delay and various combination effects that

have already shown what they can do in our 19'

effects processor, the VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P. The aux

send FX in the channels and the aux send FX master control

allow you to feed the effects processor with signals.

Fig. 4.1: Digital effects module

The built-in stereo effects processor has the advantage that it

does not need to be wired up. This excludes the danger of

humming or level mismatch right from the start and thus

considerably facilitates use.
FX parallel

These effect presets are classical “mixing effects”. If you

move the STEREO AUX RETURN FX control, you mix the channel

signal (dry) and the effect signal. You can control the balance

between the two signals with the channel fader and the STEREO

AUX RETURN FX control.

The right column contains effect presets that are used for

complete signal processing. This should not be confused with

adding an effect to a dry channel signal. If you are using these

presets, you should not route the “dry” channel to the main bus

or the subgroups (MAIN switch and SUB switch next to channel

fader). Instead, you should route only the effects signal to the

main mix or subgroups (STEREO AUX RETURN FX control).

Mixing consoles UB2222FX-PRO and UB2442FX-PRO have a

separate output for the effects device, which is unbalanced and

stereo (tip = left signal; ring = right signal; sleeve = ground/

shielding). Thus, you can record, for example, a vocal track

enhanced with reverb in parallel to a “dry” vocal track; when

doing the mix-down later on, you can freely determine the amount

of reverb added.


The UB2442FX-PRO has the effect output on the rear,

UB2222FX-PRO has it located next to the aux sends

on the front panel.


Connect a standard foot switch to the foot switch jack and

use this to switch the effects processor on and off. A light at the

bottom of the display indicates wheater the effects processor

has been muted by the foot switch.


In Chapter 6.2 you will find an illustration showing

how to connect your foot switch correctly.


The LED level meter on the effects module should display a

sufficiently high level. Take care to ensure that the clip LED only

lights up at peak levels. If it is lit constantly, you are overloading

the effects processor and this could cause unpleasant distortion.

You can select the effect preset by turning the PROGRAM

control. The display flashes with the number of the current preset.

To recall the selected preset, press on the button; the flashing

stops. You can also recall the selected preset with the foot



5.1 Main mix outputs, insert points and

control room outputs

Fig. 5.1: Main Mix outputs, main mix insert points and

control room outputs


The MAIN outputs carry the MAIN MIX signal and are on

balanced XLR jacks with a nominal level of +4 dBu. In parallel

with this, 1/4' phone jacks carry the main mix signal in a balanced

format (UB1622FX-PRO: here, the phone jack outputs are

unbalanced and located on the front panel).

The control room output is normally connected to the monitoring

system in the control room and carries the stereo mix or, when

selected, the solo signals.

These are the insert points for the main mix. In the signal path,

they are post-main mix amp, but pre-main fader(s). Use them to

insert, for example, a dynamics processor or graphic equalizer.

Please also note the information on insert points in chapter 5.3.

5.2 Subgroup outputs

Fig. 5.2: Subgroup outputs


The subgroup outputs are unbalanced and provide the mix of

those channels assigned to each subgroup with the SUB switch

(UB2442FX-PRO: switches 1-2 or 3-4) next to the channel faders.

Thus, you can, for example, route a subgroup to a second console


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you need to know more about specific issues, please visit our

website at Additional information and

explanations about various music industry/audio technology

terminology can be found on individual product pages as well as

in the glossary



The block diagram supplied with the mixing console

gives you an overview of the connections between

the inputs and outputs, as well as the associated

switches and controls.

For the moment, just try and trace the signal path from the

microphone input to the aux send 1 connector. Don’t be put off

by the huge range of possibilities; it’s easier than you think! If you

look at the overview of the controls at the same time, you’ll be

able to quickly familiarize yourself with your mixing console and

you’ll soon be making the most of all its many possibilities.

1.3 Before you get started

1.3.1 Shipment

Your mixing console was carefully packed in the factory to

guarantee safe transport. Nevertheless, we recommend that

you carefully examine the packaging and its contents for any

signs of physical damage, which may have occurred during




If the unit is damaged, please do NOT return it to us,

but notify your dealer and the shipping company

immediately, otherwise claims for damage or

replacement may not be granted.

Behringer Eurorack Ub1832fx-pro Mixer Manual

1.3.2 Initial operation

Be sure that there is enough space around the unit for cooling

purposes and to avoid over-heating please do not place your

mixing console on high-temperature devices such as radiators

or power amps. The console is connected to the mains via the

supplied cable. The console meets the required safety standards.

Blown fuses must only be replaced by fuses of the same type

and rating.


Please note that all units must be properly

grounded. For your own safety, you should never

remove any ground connectors from electrical

devices or power cables, or render them in-



Please ensure that only qualified people install and

operate the mixing console. During installation and

operation, the user must have sufficient electrical

contact to earth, otherwise electrostatic discharges

might affect the operation of the unit.

1.3.3 Warranty

Please take time to fill out and return the warranty card within

14 days after the date of purchase, so as to be entitled to benefit

from our extended warranty. Alternatively, you can use our

online registration option available on the world wide web

( You will find the serial number on the

rear of your mixing console.



This chapter describes the various control elements of your

mixing console. All controls, switches and connectors will be

discussed in detail.

2.1 Mono channels

2.1.1 Microphone and line inputs

Fig. 2.1: Connectors and controls of mic/line inputs


Each mono input channel offers a balanced microphone input

via XLR as well as switchable phantom power (+48 volt) for

powering condenser microphones.


Please mute your monitor system before you

switch on phantom power. Otherwise potentially

damaging thumps will be sent to your speakers.

Please also note the instructions in chapter 5.5

“Voltage supply, phantom power and fuse”.


Each mono input also has a balanced line input on a 1/4' jack.

You can also connect unbalanced devices using mono jacks to

these inputs.


Please remember that you can use either the

microphone input or the line input of a channel, but

not both at the same time!


Insert points enable the processing of a signal with dynamic

processors or equalizers. They are sourced pre-fader, pre-EQ

and pre-aux send. Detailed information on using insert points

Behringer Eurorack Ub1832fx-pro Manuale

can be found in chapter 5.3.


Unlike the UB2442FX-PRO, the UB1622FX-PRO,

UB1832FX-PRO and UB2222FX-PRO have their insert

points located on the rear of the console.


Use the TRIM control to adjust the input gain. This control

should always be turned fully counter-clockwise whenever you

connect or disconnect a signal source to one of the inputs.

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The scale has 2 different value ranges: the first value range

(+10 to +60 dB) refers to the MIC input and shows the

amplification for the signals fed in there.

The second value range (+10 to -40 dB) refers to the line input

and shows its sensitivity. The settings for equipment with st

andard line-level signals (-10 dBV or +4 dBu) look like this: While

the TRIM control is turned all the way down, connect your

equipment. Set the TRIM control to the external devices’ standard

Behringer Eurorack Ub1832fx-pro Price

output level. If that unit has an output signal level display, it should

show 0 dB during signal peaks. For +4 dBu, turn up TRIM slightly,

for -10 dBV a bit more. Fine-tuning of a signal being fed in is done

Behringer Eurorack Ub1832fx-pro Manual Pdf

using the level meter. To route the channel signal to the level


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