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Back-UPS NS 600

Consult APC Online Technical Support or call APC Technical Support for assistance with problems that cannot be resolved using the table below: Back-UPS NS will not turn on. No power available at the Surge Protection outlets. Connected equipment loses power. The Power indicator is lit and the Back-UPS NS is beeping four times every 30 seconds.

Smart-UPS 5000 VA 208/230 Vac Tower/Rack-Mount 5U User Manual 1 Introduction About this UPS The American Power Conversion (APC®) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides protection for electronic equipment from utility power blackouts, brownouts, sags and surges. APC Back-UPS® 300, 500, 650 User’s Manual 990-2004E Revision 7 12/99 Inspect Inspect the UPS and its contents on receipt:. User’s Manual. Cord straps (2)UPS. Telephone cable. Warranty card. APC Solutions magazine. Equipment Protection policy 500 and 650 VA models:. PowerChute® plus software CD. Interface cable. Software Install Sheet. Summary of Contents of user manual for APC Back-UPS 700 BR700G. Page 1: Connect the batteryBack-UPS®RS 700 Installation & Operation Inventory Safety Do not install the UPS in direct sunlight, in excessive heat, humidity,. APC XS 1500 User Manual. Contact information, Limited warranty, Transfer voltage and sensitivity adjustment. APC Computers. Manual Specifications, Troubleshooting, Service – APC XS 1500 User Manual Page 2: Contact information, Limited warranty, Transfer voltage and sensitivity adjustment. APC and Back-UPS are.

User’s Guide




Connect Battery


Power On and
Install Software

990-2437A Copyright © 2007 American Power Conversion Corp.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Surge Protection

These outlets provide full-time protection from surges even if the
Back-UPS NS is switched OFF. Plug your printer, fax machine,
scanner, or other peripherals that do not need battery power into
these outlets.

Battery Back-up plus Surge Protection

These outlets are powered whenever the Back-UPS NS is
switched ON. During a power outage or other utility problems
(brownouts, over-voltages), these outlets will be powered for a
limited time by the Back-UPS NS. Plug your computer,
monitor, CD-ROM drive and one other data-sensitive device
such as an external disk or tape drive, or Home Phoneline
Networking Association (HPNA) device into these outlets.

Press the ON/OFF switch to power the unit

A single short beep and the green “Power”
indicator confirms the Back-UPS NS is on and
ready to provide protection.

The Back-UPS NS should charge for at least 16
hours to ensure sufficient runtime. The unit is
being charged whenever it is connected to utility
power, whether the unit is turned ON or OFF.

If the red Building Wiring Fault indicator (located
on the end near the power cord) is lit, your
building wiring presents a shock hazard that
should be corrected by a qualified electrician.

Install the PowerChute





Place the PowerChute Personal Edition CD-
ROM into your computer and follow the
installation instructions on the screen.





APC, Back-UPS and PowerChute are registered trademarks of American Power Conversion Corp.


Visual Indicators

Audible Indicators

Alarm Terminates


On Line - UPS is supplying conditioned
utility power to the load.

Power LED - ON



On Battery - UPS is supplying battery
power to the load connected to the
Battery outlets.

Power LED - ON
(off during beep)

Apc Back-ups Rs 800 Manual

Beeping 4 times
every 30 seconds

UPS transfers back to
On Line operation, or
when UPS is turned

Low Battery Warning - UPS is supplying
battery power to the load connected to
the Battery outlets and the battery is near

Power LED - Flashing

Rapid beeping (half-
second intervals)

UPS transfers back to
On Line operation, or
when UPS is turned

Replace Battery - Battery needs to be
checked and/or replaced, or battery is not

Power LED - Flashing

Constant tone

UPS turned off with
the power switch.

Overload Shutdown - During On Battery
operation a battery power supplied outlet
overload was detected.

Power LED - OFF

Constant tone

UPS turned off with
the power switch.

Sleep Mode - During On Battery
operation the battery power has been
completely exhausted and the UPS is
waiting for utility power to return to

Power LED - OFF

Beeping once every
4 seconds

Utility power is
restored, or if utility
power is not restored
within 32 seconds, or
the UPS is turned off.

Building Wiring Fault - Your building
wiring presents a shock hazard that
should be corrected by a licensed

Building Wiring Fault
LED (red) - ON


UPS is unplugged, or
plugged into a
properly wired outlet.

Status Indicators




AC Line


Building Wiring

Apc back ups rs 1100 manual

Fault Indicator

UPS Power





See the Troubleshooting section for additional assistance.

For safety, the Back-UPS NS is shipped with one battery wire disconnected. The UPS will not operate until the wire is connected to the touch-safe
battery terminal. NOTE: Small sparks may occur during battery connection. This is normal.

Turn the Back-UPS NS over and press in the
two release tabs. Slide the plastic battery
cover off the unit.

Insert the battery back into the compartment.
Slide the plastic battery cover in place until the
two tabs lock into place.

Connect the battery wire firmly to
the battery terminal.




Plastic Battery


Release Tabs

Battery Wire

Battery Terminal


Connect Modem / Phone / DSL / Fax / HPNA to Surge Protection

The Back-UPS protects a single line (2-wire) phone (including Digital Subscriber Line -
DSL), Home Phoneline Networking Association (HPNA) type equipment, modem, or
fax machines from surges when connected through the UPS as shown below.

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Place the Back-UPS NS to avoid:

- Direct sunlight
- Excessive heat
- Excessive humidity or contact with fluids

Plug the Back-UPS NS power cord directly into a wall outlet; not a surge
protector or power strip.

Connect Computer Cable

The supplied cable and software provide automatic file saving and shutdown of the
operating system in the case of a sustained power outage.

Connect the cable to the Data Port of the Back-UPS NS. Connect the other end of the
cable to the USB port on your computer. The software will automatically find the USB
Port of your computer.








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Apc Back Ups Rs 1100 Manual

Battery Backup plus Surge Protection

Surge Protection

The Back-UPS NS indicates operating status
using a combination of visual and audible

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