Magic Bullet Juice Bullet User Manual

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1- Start by cutting the fruits or vegetables you want to juice into small size pieces to be able to fit them through the hole in the juicer.

2- Attach the cross blade to the blender jar attachment

3- Place the juicer attachment inside the blender jar. You’ll see there are four wings at the bottom of the blender jar. Make sure you align them with the dents of the juicer attachment then twist to lock.

4- Screw on the top to the blender jar. Make sure the arrow on the top is aligned with the spout of the blender jar.

5- Place the blender attachment on the magic bullet base and turn counterclockwise until the tabs on the blender lock onto the anchor. This will turn the motor on to the blend continuously mode.

6- Then begin putting cut fruit or vegetables into the juicer. Then push ingredients down with the plunger that comes with the juicer attachment.

7- Unscrew juicer from base by turning clockwise. Mobile phone location finder software free download for pc.

Magic Juice Bullet

8- Pour juice directly from the juicer into a glass and enjoy. TIP: keep the plunger placed in the juicer and hold it in place with your hand while pouring to prevent the fruit and vegetable waste to fall into your glass.

Magic Bullet Juice Bullet

If you are looking for a larger juicer consider the 3 in 1 Bullet Express meal machine.