Kenwood Cs-4025 Oscilloscope User Manual

Kenwood CS 4025 HU Service Manual. This is the 36 pages manual for Kenwood CS 4025 HU Service Manual. Read or download the pdf below. If you want to contribute, please mail your pdfs to Documenti disponibili: File Dimensione Data; AG-203 - CR Oscillator.pdf: 8.232 Kb: Files totali: 181 Dimensione totale dei files: 1.394.183 Kb.

Kenwood CS-4025 Oscilloscope (20MHz) Service Manual Covers following topics:

  • How to repair Kenwood CS-4025 Oscilloscope (20MHz)?
  • How to maintain and fix your Kenwood CS-4025 Oscilloscope (20MHz)?
  • Specifications, Safety, Circuit Description, Block Diagram, Adjustment
  • Troubleshooting, Parts List, Semiconductors
  • Disassembly, PC Board, Schematic Diagram
Kenwood CS-4025 Oscilloscope (20MHz) Service Manual
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Kenwood CS-4025 Service Manual

(Book ID=55877 Added on January 9, 2015) Kenwood CS-4025 Service Manual covers Repair Guide, Troubleshooting, Parts List, Exploded diagram, Wiring Diagram, Schematics, Assembly and dissembly of equipment. Using Kenwood CS-4025 Service Manual, you will be able to get answer of common questions regarding equipment like:
  • How to open and clean Kenwood CS-4025 Se?
  • How to fix broken Kenwood CS-4025 Se?
  • How to solve various error codes?
  • How to repair broken parts and various part numbers?
  • What is the meaning of various buttons and indicators on device?
  • How to carry out alignment and routine servicing of your device?
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Kenwood CS-4025 Service Manual

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Page 10



To obtain the best performance, periodically calibrate the
unit. Sometimes, only one mode need be calibrated, while
at other times, all modes should be calibrated. When one
mode is calibrated, it must be noted that the other modes
may be affected. When calibrating all modes, perform the
calibration in the specified sequence.

The following calibration required an accurate measuring in-
strument and an insulated adjusting flat blade screwdriver.
If they are not available, contact your dealer. For optimum
adjustment, turn the power on and warm up the scope suffi-
ciently (more than 30 minutes) before starting.

Before calibrating the scope, check the power supply

Oscilloscope Manual Pdf

The following instrument or their equivalent should be used
for making adjustment.

Test Minimum
Equipment Model Specification
. . . Impedance: More than
Dlg'ta' Multi- 11'7“ 10 M9, Measuring range:
Meter IKENWOOD) 0.01 V to 199 V
: 1 H t
Sine-Wave 651 B :Igfifigfzonsotanzt foltage
Generator (YHPl over tuning range
Frequency: 50 kHz to
Sine-Wave 56-503 100 MHz, Output impedan-
Genarator (Tektronix) ce: 50 fl, constant voltage
over tuning range
Output signal: 1 kHz,
Amplitude: 10 mVp-p to
Square- P 506 10 Vp-p, Accuracy: within
Wave (T E' . l i 1%, Rise time: 35ns or
Generator e tronix less
100 kHz, Rise time: 1 ns or
0 Meter (YHP) -
Pattern CG'91 1A _
Generator (KENWOODl
Sensitivity: more than 5 mV
- 475A .
Oscilloscope (Tektronix) Egggugggywrlfiszponse. More
Time-Marker TG-501 Time mark: 0.5 s to 0.1ps
Generator (Tektronix) repetive waveform
High-Voltage .
Probe — Input Impedance. 1000 MIT
- - _ Impedance: 50 o
TerITllnatIOI‘l Accuracy: within 3%
~ . _ 3 watts type impedance:
Termination 50 fl
Attenuator - — 20 dB attenuation (50 m
Table 1


Control Settings

The control settings listed below must be used for each
adjustment procedure.

Exceptions to these settings will be noted as they occur.
After completing a adjustment, return the controls to the fol—
lowing settings.



TRIGGER LEVEL 12 o'clock
CH1/CH2 POSITION 12 o'clock

CH1/CH2 VARIABLE Fully clockwise

SWEEP VARIABLE Fully clockwise

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SWEEP ATT 0.2 ms
x10 MAG OFF _-_
FOCUS Optimum position
INTENSITY 12 o’clock after ad-
Table 2

om VR (TC) P.c.B. Procedure

Supply voltage VR1 X68-1570 Adjust VR1 to give—8,00 V at pin P1-6.

Intensity VR2 X68-1570 MODE: X-Y
With a spot on the screen, turn the INTENSITY knob to a 9 o'clock posi~
tion and then adjust VR2 until the spot disappears.

CRT center VRIOZ X65-1380 CH2: 50 mV/DIV. GND
Pull and push INV to find a position of POSITION knob where the lumines-
cent line does not vary.
Leaving POSITION unchanged, adjust to the center of the screen using

Y operating point VR104 X65-1380 Position after CRT center adjustment
Adjust VR104 to give + 57.0 V at pin P64.

X operating point VR301 X65—1380 MODE: X-Y
Adjust VR301 to give +68.0 V at pin P7—1.

INTENSITY: 12 o'clock
FOCUS: 12 o’clock
CH1,2: 50 mV/DIV, GND
Adjust the spot ”.' to the best position with the ASTIG knob and VR3.
‘Best position = smallest spot

CH1 Step VR2 X65-1380 CH1: GND

ATT Balance Adjust VR2 so that the luminescent line does not vary when switching
between 1 mV/DIV and 2 mV/DIV.

CHI MAG Balance VR3 X65-1380 CH1: GND
Adjust VR3 so that the luminescent line does not vary when switching
between 2 mV/DIV and 5 mV/DIV.

CH2 Step VRSZ X65-1380 V-MODE: CH2

Oscilloscope Instruction Manual

ATT Balance CH2: GND
Adjust VR52 so that the luminescent line does not very when switching
between 1 mV/DIV and 2 mV/DIV.

CH2 MAG Balance VR53 X65-138O V-MODE: CH2
Adjust VR53 so that the luminescent line does not vary when switching
between 2 mV/DIV and 5 mV/DIV.

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ADD Position VR101 X65-1380 CH'I,2: GND
Bring the luminescent line to the center for both CH1 and CH2. Switch
V-MODE to ADD and adjust VR101 so that the luminescent line comes to
the center.

CH1 waveform VR5 X65-1380 Apply a 1 kHz square wave to CH1 INPUT (with the amplitude extending

Dso138 Oscilloscope Manual

shaping VR4 over 6 div.) Adjust so that CH1 ATl' waveform is flat for both 10 mV/DIV

10 mV and 1 mV/DIV ranges.

1 mV 10 mV/DIV: VHS

1 mV/DIV: VR4

Kenwood Cs-4025 Oscilloscope Manual


Oscilloscope Service Manual