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View online Owner's manual for Definitive Technology 350 Speaker System or simply click Download button to examine the Definitive Technology 350 guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. Sep 30, 2018  Adds a special surround sound experience on its 5.1 channel speakers that is perfect for watching movies, listening to music or playing games on your console. Definitive Technology App Download the app you can control the speakers on any devices like smartphones or PC and wirelessly stream your stored music straight through the speakers.

Dolby Digital and Dolby ProLogic systems and decoders have a critical channel balancing

procedure for the left and right front speakers, center channel, rears and subwoofer (if it is hooked

up through the LFE or Sub Out low level connection) which must be followed if the system is to

perform properly. We have spoken with many system users with problems relating to the overall

sound of their system which could be clearly traced back to improper system balance.

Also note that Dolby Digital decoders have bass management systems (systems which direct the

bass to the various channels) which vary from unit to unit. This bass management system must also

be properly adjusted. Follow the directions in the hook-up directions regarding bass management.


Method 2
Wire the left front ProMonitor 600 directly to the left front channel of your amplifier

or receiver and the right front ProMonitor 600 directly to the right channel of your
amplifier or receiver taking care that the speakers are in phase, i.e. 2018 mazda 3 owners manual pdf. + (red) to + (red)
and – (black) to – (black).

2. Use an RCA-to-RCA low-level cable to connect the LFE/subwoofer out on your

receiver to the LFE input on your subwoofer.

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3. Wire your center channel to the center channel out on your receiver (or center

channel amplifier) and your left and right rear surround speakers to the rear chan-
nel outputs on your receiver or rear channel amplifier (taking care that all speakers
are in phase, i.e. + (red) to + (red) and – (black) to – (black)).

4. Set the bass management system of your receiver or decoder for “Small Left and

Right Main Speakers,” “Small Center” and “Small Rear Surround Speakers” and
“Yes Subwoofer.”

5. Set the variable low-pass crossover to 150 and set the subwoofer level control to

12 o’clock. Please note that you can set the subwoofer level either by turning the
subwoofer level control on the back of the subwoofer or with LFE level adjust-
ment in your receiver. We suggest setting the subwoofer to 12 o’clock and then
making fine adjustments to the subwoofer level using the LFE level control on
your receiver.

with the basic hook-up detailed above in Steps 1 – 10. However, if you wish to play the
system louder, you can experiment with this variation. In addition, this variation is also

one which can be used if your decoder bass management system does not allow a

“Large Left and Right Main Speakers” and “Subwoofer” setting.

Definitive Bp2000 Speaker Manual

We encourage you to experiment with the various settings on your subwoofer,

settings on your decoder, and hook-up options as described until you find the best
combination for you.


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